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Stone crusher machine types and their uses

Updated: Apr 24, 2021

A stone crusher machine is used in mining and construction industries to break boulder into smaller rock, gravel, crush sand and rock dust. Moreover, Crusher machinery are also been used for crushing Limestone, waste material and concrete blocks.

But, Do you know the types of crusher machine & uses? Each type of crushing machine performs a distinct role in crushing plant.

We have prepared detailed information about various type of crusher machines available in the market and their uses.

Types Of Stone Crusher Machine - Schematics
Types Of Stone Crusher Machine - Schematics

A. Jaw Crusher Machine 

They are the Most Commonly used Crusher Machine in India. Jaw Crusher is the Oldest type of Crusher Machine. It works by using Compressing Force for Breaking Down Material. Compressive Force is Produced by Two Vertical Jaw Plates: Stationary Jaw and Swing Jaw. Stationary Jaw Plate is Fixed, while, Swing Jaw is Movable. This Movement Produces Compressive Force. Jaw Crusher Size is Determined by the Distance between Two Vertical Jaw Plate (Crushing Chamber Volume).

Jaw Crusher Machine Working
Jaw Crusher Machine Working

Parts of Jaw Crusher Machine:-

  1. Main Frame (Body)

  2. Flywheel 

  3. Eccentric Shaft

  4. Roller Bearing 

  5. Jaw Stock and Jaw Bolt

  6. Stationary and Swing Jaw Plate 

  7. Side Plate

  8. Toggle Plate and Toggle Block

  9. Tension Rod

  10. Spring

Material Discharge Size is Controlled by Changing the Gap Setting (Closed Side Setting). Smaller the Gap, the Finer the Material Discharged from the Crusher. For Coarse Material, Larger Setting is Recommended. 

Benefits of Using Jaw Crusher Machine:-

  1. Economical:- Jaw Crusher is Comparatively Cheaper than Other Types.

  2. Reliability:- Being the Oldest, They are the Most Reliable Machine.

Things To Check While Purchasing Jaw Crusher Machine:-

  1. High-Quality Manganese Containing Jaw Plates 

  2. A higher Reduction Ratio

  3. A Tight Nip Angle (Angle Between the Fixed and Movable Jaw)

  4. High-Quality Steel Body 

Historical Variants of Jaw Crusher Machine
Historical Variants of Jaw Crusher Machine

B. Gyratory Crusher Machine

The Working Principle of Gyratory and Jaw Crusher Machine is Similar. Gyratory Crusher Machine Consists of a Concave Surface and a Conical Head. The Movement of This Two Parts Produces Compressive Force, Which Breaks Down Material. Gyratory Crusher can Be Used in Primary or Secondary Crushing Stage. The Machine uses the Eccentric Shaft for Producing Motion. 

Gyratory Crusher, Impact Crusher and Roller Crusher
Gyratory Crusher, Impact Crusher and Roller Crusher

C. Cone Crusher Machine

Similar to the Jaw and Gyratory Crusher Machine, Cone Crusher Works by Reducing Big Rocks into Smaller Stone using Compressive Forces. 

Benefits of using Cone Crusher Machine:-

  1. High Crushing Ratio

  2. High Efficiency 

  3. Consistent Granularity and Shape of Final Product

  4. Lower Maintenance 

  5. Proven Construction Design

  6. Low Power Consumption 

  7. Lowest Cost Per Ton 

Type of Cone Crusher:-

  1. Single Cylinder Cone Crusher 

  2. Hydraulic Cone Crusher 

  3. Symons Cone Crusher 

  4. Spring Cone Crusher

Parts of Cone Crusher Machine:-

  1. Stationary / Fixed Cone (Concave)

  2. Movable Cone (Mantle)

  3. Bowl-type Bearing

  4. Copper Bush 

  5. Main Body 

D. Roller Crusher

In Roller Crusher, The Pressure is applied to the feed Produced by Movement of between the Rollers or Between a Roller and a Crushing Surface. 


  1. Double Roll Crusher:- In this type of Roller Crusher, Two Rollers Rotate Towards Each Other. These Rollers are Separated by an Adjustable Gap. The Size of the Feed and Product can be altered by changing the gap between the two rollers.

  2. Single Roll Crusher:- In this type of Roller Crusher, A Crushing Roller Presses against a Crushing Plate.

Type Of Roller Stone Crusher Machine
Type Of Roller Stone Crusher Machine

E. Horizontal shaft impact (HSI) crusher

Impact Crusher uses Impact Force than Compression Force for Stone Crushing. 

Parts of HSI Stone Crusher:-

  1. Hopper

  2. Two or Three Apron

  3. Rotor 

  4. Blow-bars 

  5. Shaft 

  6. Bearing 

Benefits of using HSI Stone Crusher:-

  1. Greater Production Output with Comparatively Low Power Requirement.

  2. Large Intake

  3. Can be used in Secondary Stage of Crushing.

  4. Reliable Design which Results in Lower Maintenance

  5. Highest Efficiency with Low Abrasive Material.  

Drawbacks of using HSI Machine:-

  1. Only Soft to Moderately hard material can be Processed.

  2. Hard Materials can Cause Considerable Wear.

  3. Practical use only limited to Crushing Limestone, Phosphate, gypsum and Weathered Shales.

Horizontal Shaft Impactor Machine
Horizontal Shaft Impactor Machine

F. Vertical Shaft Impactor (VSI)

VSI Machine is also called as Sand Making Machine. It is used in Stone Crushing Plant after Primary Crushing Stage to make Sand.

Benefits of using VSI Crusher:-

  1. Uniform Cubicle Shaped Final Product

  2. Adjust the Size of the Final Product by adjusting the RPM of the rotor.

  3. High Portability

  4. Cost-Effective Solution 

The downside of using VSI Crusher:-

  1. High Horse Power Motor is required to power the VSI Machine which results in increased energy consumption.

Type Of Stone Crusher Machine - Primary and Secondary
Type Of Stone Crusher Machine - Primary and Secondary

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